Hot Wheels Cars Go For It! 2014 McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys

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Time to check out the McDonald’s Hot Wheels Happy Meal Toy Cars for 2014! They look really cool!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: When I first started the video I was really excited to see these cars shoot across the table. We recently made a video with the earlier Hot Wheels Streex which had a parecido way of propelling the cars. Those worked great, so I had my hopes up for this set. As the video went on I realized that these were not going to work the same way. For whatever reason they did not work at all for me, no matter what I tried or attempted to do. In the end, they are really cool cars with custom stickers that do roll really well on their own.


▶▶ Skip Times ◀◀
0:08 Intro/Toys/Box
1:40 #1 Baja Bone Shaker
4:33 #2 Quick ‘n Sik
6:53 #3 Turbo Turret
11:46 #4 Circle Trucker
15:20 #5 HW Pursuit
17:25 #6 Fast 4WD
19:45 #7 Rip Rod
21:34 #8 Fast Fish
26:51 The Entire Set
29:51 Game Apps
31:43 Final Thoughts

▶▶ Product Info ◀◀
2014 McDonalds Hot Wheels Cars Go For It! Happy Meal Toys
#1 Baja Bone Shaker
#2 Quick ‘n Sik
#3 Turbo Turret
#4 Circle Trucker
#5 HW Pursuit
#6 Fast 4WD
#7 Rip Rod
#8 Fast Fish

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ماكدونالدز العجلات الساخنة “Макдоналдс горещи колела” “麦当劳的风火轮” “McDonald’s Hot Wheels” “חם גלגלים מקדונלד’ס” “חם גלגלים מקדונלד’ס” “맥도날드의 뜨거운 바퀴” “แมคโดนัลด์ร้อนล้อ”

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