Sofia the First On The Go Portable Backpack Classroom 10 Piece Playset Disney Princess School Toy

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Disney Junior Princess Sofia The First Portable Classroom Backpack! Sofia The First Teacher Comes With 10+ Pieces That Can Be Loaded Up And Taken Anywhere. Sofia The First Charms Included. Disney® Princess Teacher, Sofia Educator, Disney® Junior Learning Academy, Sofia The First Classroom, Princess Sofia Educational Learning Videos.

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Disney Princess in other languages: Princesa de Disney, Дісней Принцеса, Дисней Принцесса, Disney® princesė, 디즈니 공주, ディズニー プリンセス, Putri Disney, Disney® hercegnők, Disney® Prinzessin, Disney® Princesse, 迪斯尼公主, principessa Disney

Toys in Spanish – juguetes, French – jouets, Russian – igrushki, Chinese – Wánjù, 玩具, German – Spielzeug, Italian – giocattoli, Japanese – Toizu, トイズ, Korean – jangnangam, 장난감, Irish – bréagáin, Swedish – leksaker

Music By Kevin Macleod

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